Omnitécnica operates mainly in the following areas:

Fixed Network Solutions

Some of the main areas and technologies for which we market fixed network solutions:
Transmission systems (WDM, MPLS, PON, SDH, PDH, Ethernet, others);
Switching and routing solutions;
Compression equipment of digital circuits (DCME);
xDSL solutions;
POL (Passive Optical LAN)
Home networking
Wireless/ Radio / Satellite solutions
Omnitécnica markets wireless solutions based on diversified technologies:

Wireless Solutions (Optical, UHF, VHF, LTE, Lora, Microwave, WiFi);
Satellite earth Stations, VSATs and INMARSAT;
Terminal Equipment - RDIS e INMARSAT;
Synchronization, Power and Datacenter Systems
Omnitécnica markets synchronous and energy solutions and products, among others in support of the data center infrastructure, of which we highlight:
Synchronization solutions. NTP, SyncE, PTP1588, GPS, DOCSIS, etc;
Time & Frequency Generator (GPS);
KVM Products;
Intelligent" energy systems (PDU).
Unified Multimedia Communications
The Omnitécnica offers several solutions in this thematic as are the followings:
SBC (Session Border Controller);
NGN Softswitch;
IMS Core;
Routing Policy Enabler;
Specialized Soluctions in:

Tactical satellite systems; Trailers; Speed Cameras.

Teleprotection systems; PLC’s.

Meteorological sensors (temperature, humidity, wind, rain, etc); Weather Radars.

Surveillance radars (Primary and secondary); DME, VOR; ILS; SMR; ADS-B; Consoles and VCCS.
NFV, Cyber Security and Big Data Analysis
NFV appliances (Firewall, Encriptação L2, Encriptação L3 (IPS.), Front End
SCADA IPS/IDS, Deteção de anomalias SCADA, EPAD End Point
Anomaly detection Proteção DDOS, cyber analytics)
Firewall appliances