OMNITÉCNICA — Sociedade Comercial e Industrial de Electrotécnica, S.A, is a Portuguese company founded in 1969 that has as main activity the supply of products and the integration of solutions in the areas of Telecommunications and Electronics. 

It offers a set of services and products of high diversity, which include, among others, voice, data and image solutions in the areas of transmission and access via coaxial cable, Optical fiber, Microwave, Optical systems, OTN / DWDM / SDH / PDH and Satellite.
The company also has in its portfolio specialized solutions for the military, utilities, meteorological and air navigation markets. 

Omnitécnica is part of the SERomni Group which comprises a total of 5 companies, Omnitécnica, Omniprojectos, Omnifin, Omnilink and SerOmni Angola. The coexistence of this group, integrated with strategic partnerships with international manufacturers, allows us to offer our customers turn-key solutions with high levels of competitiveness and reliability.

Relevant factors of success
Some of the most important factors of our success are the management of processes in a customer-oriented perspective, the professionalism of our services, the investment in the training of technical personnel, and the constant application of cutting-edge technologies that meet the needs of our customers.
The company has a team of qualified technicians with capacity for rapid intervention and provision of 24x7 services. Omnitécnica is ISO 9001:2015 certified, has an IMPIC license and is accredited as a NATO Secret company. ​Omnitécnica, Leading Technology!

Historical Overview

Over the years, Omnitécnica has been providing different equipment and services for planning, installation, testing, local and remote assistance, management of transmission and access systems, as well as maintenance for several public and private companies, namely Armed Forces, Portugal REN, EDP, ONI, Sonaecom, RENGasodutos, Vodafone, NOS, PT, NAV, IPMA, PSP, Municipalities, PALOP's, Banks and Insurance Companies, among others.

With the development of new services, it has implemented Satellite Terminals, VSAT Networks, Trunking Networks MPT 1327 and Paging Systems for different entities. With the requirement of new services in the Telecommunications sector, OMNITECNICA has introduced in the market: "Trunking”, Digital Tetra, Paging, VSAT, VolP, SDH and DWDM networks, in Portugal and PALOP's. With the implementation of digital technology, it has provided several Microwave links of small, medium and high capacity to the regional and backbone areas, as well as Multiplexing equipment and F.O. Terminals in PDH to interconnect public and private stations. Since SDH technology became part of the growing demand for Bandwidth, OMNITÉCNICA has implemented the SDH pilot network for Telecommunication operators and is currently a provider of SDH / DWDM long-distance networks for Utilities.